Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage is a popular massage for those people looking to relieve back and muscle tension which has built up and been exacerbated by modern day stress.  It is especially  beneficial to a person who spends a long time sitting at a computer desk or carrying a child around.  Hot stones are used on problem areas as long as the client doesn't have contraindications for their use. The direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to access the deeper muscle layers. It is often a good idea to have a series of these massages to rectify a problem that has been presenting problems for a while.  Clients can then take the proactive step of making regular returns for massages to keep back, neck and shoulder problems at bay.


The benefits of a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage include:

  • Reduction in muscular tension easing day to day stress;

  • Improves posture by eliminating stiffness;

  • Improves sleep pattern;

  • Improves the immune system;

  • Increases energy levels;

  • Generates a sense of wellbeing;

  • Softens dry skin;

  • Calming;

  • Improves circulation;

  • Promotes removal of toxins;

  • Encourages the body's own healing mechanisms.


What to expect at your first Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage treatment:

  • I will contact you prior to your appointment to ask what you would like to get from the treatment.  At this time I will also go through aftercare with you such as drinking plenty of water to rehydrate the body and help flush out the toxins that have been released;

  • You will have already completed a health questionnaire by e-mail in advance of your Massage;

  • You will be made to feel at ease when you arrive;

  • Your privacy will be guaranteed as towels will cover your body and only the area being worked on at the time will be exposed;

  • You will find my treatment to be very peaceful, quiet and totally private.  I will play relaxing music,  have ambient lighting and a heated blanket on the massage bed;

  • ​You can ask me any questions you have;

  • I will advise on how many treatments will ideally be needed.