This facial treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, hot towel treatment, mask, tone, moisturise and massage of face, neck and decollete. A complementary Indian Head Massage concludes the treatment. It is wonderfully relaxing and leaves your skin with a clear, well-hydrated, younger looking complexion.

All products used are from the Priadara professional skin care range which includes active ingredients of essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts.  It reflects the Priadara philosophy of holistic wellbeing combined with results helping to keep skin in good condition, to correct and address skin problems such as dehydration, sensitivity and unbalanced skin.


The Priadara range is divided into 3 skin “modes”:


  • “Quench” is for dehydrated or dry skin.  This acts to replenish the skin’s natural moisture levels, protecting against the elements.  Bathes dry, dehydrated skin with humectants, nutrients and vitamins.  Uses Hemp oil essential fatty acids to improve the hydro lipid coat of the skin responsible for good cellular health.  Sandalwood, frankincense and neroli oil feed moisture whilst panthenol aids tissue healing;

  • “Sedate” is for delicate/irritated skin.  This is designed to reduce redness, irritation and restore skin health.  Uses Mango seed and vitamin E to counteract tightness and add moisture.  Raspberry extract reduces sensitivity while camomile, lavender and neroli provide anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties;

  • “Stabilise” for unbalanced/unhappy skin to stabilise and restore the balance of subaceous secretions whilst helping to rehydrate.  Camelina oil, high in omega-3 gently treats without causing dryness and irritation.  Olive and shea butter moisturise whilst geranium and mandarin regulate and balance. 

The benefits of a Facial Treatment include:


  • Significantly reduces stress and anxiety - stress can be a factor causing skin disorders and ageing; 

  • Improves the flow of blood and lymph under the facial skin helping you look more vibrant and healthy;

  • The steam from the hot towels improve circulation and facilitates better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to keep skin cells healthy;

  • Exfoliation removes the dead cells clogging your pores opening them up so that they can absorb products better;

  • Helps to hydrate skin as many people have naturally dry skin stemming from low sebum production or combination skin.  Dry skin is more prone to wrinkling and signs of ageing, so regular facials will keep your skin soft, supple and vibrant.

What to expect at your first Facial treatment:

  • I will contact you prior to your appointment to ask what you would like to get from the treatment.  At this time I will also go through aftercare with you such as drinking plenty of water to rehydrate the body and help flush out the toxins that have been released;

  • You will have already completed a health questionnaire by e-mail in advance of your Facial treatment;

  • You will be made to feel at ease when you arrive and invited to lie down on the massage bed.  I will place a towelling hair band around your hair line;

  • You will find my treatment to be very peaceful, quiet and totally private.  I will play relaxing music, have ambient lighting and a heated blanket on the massage bed;

  • ​You can ask me any questions you have;

  • I will advise on how many treatments will ideally be needed.