Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a gentle but subtle form of energy healing that has been around for thousands of years. 

Crystals channel energy and crystal healing brings about change.  It gets to the core of any problem and gently releases the blocks of energy that have caused it, encouraging the body to heal itself naturally.  

As well as speeding up physical healing, crystals can also speed up other processes involving mental health, emotional release and spiritual development. 

Each healing is a unique experience, unfolding and adjusting the energies of the client in the moment.

During a treatment, which is approximately an hour, you will remain fully clothed and lay upon a therapy couch. Crystals will be placed on and/or around your body and the chakras (energy bodies) down your body will be opened and balanced.  All you need do is to relax and drift off into a deep peaceful state allowing the time and space for your own healing. It is not unusual to feel some tingling, warmth or coolness.  You may be aware of shifting energies and see colours. You may experience a lifting of spirits or maybe some change in emotions, helping you to unwind, relax and rebalance your body’s energies.

Problems that have been manifesting for a long time will usually take longer to begin healing and it is beneficial in these cases to have 3 treatments within a 4 week period as a starting point.  This is because in order to move and clear these blockages, it is a gradual process of breaking them down and restoring the energy to its natural state.  

A crystal therapy treatment can be very effective in helping a person cope with the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  As soon as the person is up and about after having had Cancer treatment, is the best time to come for a crystal treatment. The purpose of this is to clear their energy field of the toxic chemicals and also to open and balance their energy centres which aids the healing process.

Crystal Energy Release Therapy contains slightly different techniques including acupressure and a palm stone massage (client fully clothed) which is both deeply relaxing and healing.  This treatment is very good for people suffering physical pain as the techniques have a more ‘hands on’ approach to moving the blocked energy.  This treatment really should be experienced to fully realise the healing benefits it can have on all levels.

The benefits of a Crystal/Crystal Energy Release Therapy include:

  • Helps with issues on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level;

  • Very relaxing;

  • Heals the body on many different levels as it gets to the core of a problem;

  • Can help set you on your true path in life;

  • Makes you feel much better in yourself.

What to expect at your first Crystal Therapy treatment:

  • I will contact you prior to your appointment to ask what you would like to get from the treatment.  At this time I will also go through aftercare with you such as drinking plenty of water to rehydrate the body and help flush out the toxins that have been released;

  • You will have already completed a health questionnaire by e-mail in advance of your Crystal Therapy treatment;

  • You will be made to feel at ease when you arrive and invited to lie down and relax on the massage bed;

  • Crystal techniques will be used on and around your body as will the placing of crystals; 

  • You will find my treatment to be very peaceful, quiet and totally private.  I will play relaxing music, have ambient lighting and a heated blanket on the massage bed;

  • ​You can ask me any questions you have;

  • I will advise on how many treatments will ideally be needed.